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Image by Annie Spratt


 Our Mission​

The foundation of Positive People Posse/3P Media was built off of the belief in promoting a positive mindset. Our mission is to influence individuals and companies to empower the world around them. 

Most importantly to connect that story with your audience. We explore this through multiple mediums:

1) Effective and empowering digital media and marketing solutions

2) Content strategies, and

3) Video production packages. We provide assistance in developing a targeted and intentional social media strategy, analyzing how and where to allocate digital ad spending, and most importantly, educating and empowering you in your own unique marketing strategy. 

Regardless of the size of your brand or company, we are committed to making marketing less intimidating and in the process helping you find your own creative voice. In fact, it’s our passion. 


Create ​

Positive People Posse/ 3P Media provides digital media & marketing solutions, content strategies and video production to companies to effectively tell their brand story. The heart of every company starts with it’s people. No matter if you need assistance with social media content, trying to figure out where to invest your digital ad spend, or even educate you on how to manage your own marketing. We are here to help connect you with the right audience. 

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