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The Creative Minds

The team at Positive People Posse 3P Media are some of the most gifted, creative and downright quirky individuals out there. Our work continually receives attention from all the right places, and it’s all thanks to them.

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Marketing Director

As the Founder and Marketing Director of Positive People Posse 3P Media, Dom's 12 years of experience in marketing and brand strategy lead him to creating the unifying brand of his own.


"I wanted to build a Marketing Agency that was less intimidating. . Marketing is all about building brand as well as relationships.  But the relationship with our clients is what means the most."

Dom's responsibilities include:  Digital Brand Strategy & Digital Analytics.



Director Of Photography

Director of Photography Michael Saldivar is passionate about storytelling through visuals.


Responsibilities include:
- Managing all aspects of production from scheduling, budgets, prepping equipment, storyboarding and creating shot lists 

- Manage post-production that includes editing, coloring, sound design, and executing deliverables 

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Art Director

The creativity and brand thinking of Reese Whitehorse absolutely blew us away when they joined our team and they’ve been wowing us ever since. There is nothing they can’t do when it comes to producing outstanding client work.

Image by Matt Walsh



We're always looking for talented members to join our "posse".. Give us a shout and let us know what you're passionate about.. You never know!

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Website Engineer

Our Website Engineer, Matthaus Klute has the incredible knack of translating strategy into golden ideas to impress our clients. He takes pride in his appetite for executing complex designs and integrating productive solutions for our clients management needs.


When he's not working, Matthaus's range of hobbies, includes: spending time with friends; watching the NBA; live music and festivals; or simply unplugging from all the screens and noise, and getting into some nature.

Image by Michael Dam

Sarah Quirk

Media Manager

Sarah makes our everyday's clients social and content planning run more efficiently. Content management and social planning is a challenging task if you're not looking ahead. She's got skillz and has your back when you need it most!

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