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Positive People Posse/3P Media is a one-of-a-kind Marketing company that can handle every part of your project – no matter the size. From strategy and concept, writing and design, through development, production, and marketing, everything is handled in-house by people who are the best at what they do.

We're of service to work through every stage of – creative strategy, content creation, video production, design, and marketing. So, whether your company is a wild idea, is in need of some work, or a completely new direction, we are confident in our ability to successfully execute everything thrown our way.


                                       Brand Identity

In the world of Apple, Nike, and Coca-Cola, your brand isn’t just a name or a logo—it’s everything. Brand the right way and your business’s staying power will reach far past the other guys. To do this properly, you need a team of experts by your side. That’s where we step in. Our designers, copywriters, developers, and marketers collaborate with you to strategically craft the perfect brand identity for your business. But, don’t worry, once we establish your identity, we take it one step further and develop a cohesive marketing strategy that engages your target audiences and powerfully impacts consumer connections.

As consumers look for brands that stand out, the huge shift toward video is underway. Get ahead of the curve with high-quality video targeted towards your key audience. At Positive People Posse/ 3P Media, we focus on more than just one region. Our videographers and animators to cover all the business video needs throughout the country.

Video has revolutionized the internet. Consumers place a great deal of value and trust when they are able to see a product in action. It’s tough to convey online expertise and relevance without quality video, no matter the industry.


Ever wanted your ads to hit a specific audience without any unnecessary limitations? Cue in programmatic advertising. Targeted advertising is a unique platform that provides the personalization and automation you need to deliver relevant ads to your customers in real-time. Target a specific address or geo fence , show ads to customers of your competitors, remarket to people that have gone to a trade show.Discover the short-cut to location-specific advertising— discover our programmatic advertising services.


SEO used to be as simple as adding a couple keywords and a title tag to a site and you ranked. Add a few million websites and huge strides in algorithms and you now need a team tof talented engineers to see meaningful results. A programmer to execute the strategy from the analyst, a content and creative team to create quality linkable assets, and an outreach team to handle offsite efforts. We follow Google quality guidelines to create honest content that deserves to rank based on merit. 

We understand the importance of social media. Studies show that internet users spend an average of 2 hours a day browsing their feeds. Who can blame them? Social media brings the world to their fingertips in the matter of a quick refresh. Make sure when the tap on their social apps you’re a part of the conversation with our paid social media services. For every like, follow, re-tweet, we’re here guiding you through it all.

      Contact us today to discuss your strategy!