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Not your typical Digital Marketing Agency

Positive People Posse / 3P Media is a leading Digital Marketing Agency. Rooted in Kansas City, Missouri, our partnership with brands and businesses has extended throughout the fifty states since 2018. We are ready to discover and develop effective marketing strategies to transform the way your business performs. Let's have a conversation. Here at PPP, success is a village effort, and every client is instantly a part of our "Posse!"

We Create To Inspire

It's all about telling a story: Your story.       

We believe a positive mindset is foundational to every business, and it is for this reason Positive People Posse  3P Media was created. When brands and companies are secure and operating in their “why” and a positive mindset, we wholeheartedly believe they will naturally influence and empower the communities and world around them.

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Book An Appointment

Looking for website feedback or to discuss all-things marketing? Let’s jump on a discovery call to explore how we can support you!

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We are here to adapt to each client’s unique needs. As a dynamic marketing agency, we have a wide array of effective solutions to choose from. Check out our list of marketing services.

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About Us

Just like you, Positive People Posse / 3P Media started with our own story! We are passionate about applying the right strategy to effectively tell your brand story.

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In The Living Room Podcast , we take a seat alongside Small Business Owners, Creatives, Entrepreneurs, and risk takers of all types to discuss their journey as well as all-things marketing. Available on YouTube and all listening platforms.




Our mission is a positive one: Live Freely + Stay Positive. When we live freely from our passions while approaching life with a positive mentality, no matter what life throws at us, we naturally influence others to do the same.


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