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Our mission is to provide CREATIVITY, QUALITY and AFFORDABILITY to brands who need video content produced on an ongoing basis.We have expertise with commercials, marketing videos, company overviews, product demos, training videos, and event videos. Capabilities include cinematography, aerial videography, interviews, voiceover, motion graphics, and animation. 3P Media Productions is able to manage your video projects from start to finish, no matter what your needs may be or where your company is based.

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You know you have a great company, but you want to show everyone not just tell them about it, which is where company overview videos come into play. For many companies, an explainer video or company profile video is the first type of video they want to produce because it introduces viewers to what the company does, who runs the company, and how the products or services offered can help make their life better. Think of it as an overview video of your most critical business services. A great company overview video should:

  • Visually demonstrate what your company does.

  • Outline core values of the company.

  • Address a consumer or business need and how your company fills the need.

  • Look and sound professional.

  • Have a clear goal in mind for where the video will play, how it fits into greater marketing initiatives, and what action you want viewers to take after seeing it.

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Where to start (or how much to budget).

 Don’t worry. We walk you through the entire process. So you get all the video you need at a price that maximizes your budget.


The key to a smooth production is a well-thought out storyboard. We’ve produced dozens of corporate storyboards, web video storyboards, even storyboards for documentary films. A great storyboard can be executed in a number of ways. But it's the heart of maximizing the direction of your big budget project!

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Your video marketing strategy is every bit as important as execution.

A solid plan can be the difference between knowing how much return on investment (ROI) your content is delivering and throwing metaphorical spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks.

If your business is already off and running with video, congrats! You’ve successfully cleared one major hurdle: the fear of getting started. Now’s the time to put a strategy in place.

A video marketing strategy will help you meet your goals and create video content that addresses real business objectives.

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