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Embracing Commonality.

Commonality by pure definition is the state of sharing features or attributes. When we look at commonality from this perspective, we realize that there are so many things about the human experience that we all share; we all breathe, we all think, we all have the ability to choose.

But so often we allow the things that make us ‘different’ to pull us apart. Things like religious choices, political affiliations, gender, hobbies, and so on. When we start to focus on the things that divide us, it becomes increasingly easier to only surround yourself with likeminded people.

While we fully support finding your own top 3-5% (see the last post for this explanation) we also think that we can’t lose sight of what makes us all the same. When we open our minds to other people (like that guy in the coffee shop) it helps us to see the humanity in those who surround us all the time.

But what are easy ways to embrace commonality so that we can apply this principle on a daily basis? Well, we need to show up in every moment. We need to embrace what makes us all different, while constantly remembering that we’re all very much the same. Opening up to this mindset can be freeing! And it can also create opportunities for those who may be different to come into your life and be a key player for growth.

We need to open our eyes to opportunities around us to engage with our neighbors. Say hi to that person who looks different than you. And try to step out of your own shoes so that you can see the world from another persons perspective. When we open up to others around us we create chances for genuine human connection. Focusing on things that unite rather than divide can open doors for you that you may not normally find on your own.

But don’t just open doors, be sure you’re taking those moments to really embrace what you’re experiencing. Listen. Listen longer. Listen past the point of your normal comfort level and truly enjoy what you hear. Engaging with others on this level is an easy way to remind yourself, just through talking and listening, that we all share the same emotions.

Be vulnerable to others. When we think about commonality in terms of an emotional connection, we surpass the superficial and move into a more authentic connection. Sometimes it’s the uncomfortable moments that bring way to growth; and you may be surprised as to how comfortable things become once you open yourself up to being vulnerable with those around you.

Commonality isn’t something we need to learn, it’s something we need to embrace. It is as simple as accepting the things that make us all the same, while embracing the things that make us different. It’s about opening our hearts, and our minds, to those around us (in every moment) so that we can truly accept others for who they are.

Live Freely + Stay Positive

Article written by: Mandi Jean @TheMandiJean

Co-Collaborator: Dom Green

Photo by: David Sosna @David_Sosna

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