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Collaboration + Coffee

Walking into t.Loft this morning, a thought hit me. I wonder how many times the world has been changed based on a meeting, conversation, or a big idea that took place in a coffee shop? What is it about sitting down for a cup of coffee (or in this case, tea) that gets our wheels spinning?

Or maybe it isn’t about the coffee at all. Maybe it’s the setting; the hustle-and-bustle of all the busy lives around us moving in their own unique directions. Off to tackle whatever their days may bring them. The noise of the grinders, the steamers, the dripping caffeine that will fuel so many for the day ahead.

Or maybe it’s about the people. Those who sit across the table with us, who hear our thoughts and feed into them. Who act as sound boards for our ideas, and help us along as we take a spark and turn it into a blazing fire.

Whatever the reason, there’s one common denominator; collaboration.

Whether it’s the team of people making your coffee, or the cleaning crew who sweeps the floors, or the friends and colleagues who give their time and show up for you; it’s a collaborative effort that makes even the smallest ideas a big success.

But collaboration isn’t only found in coffee shops; business around the world are seeing an increase in collaborative teamwork within the workplace. Silos are breaking down and teamwork is becoming the new leader for measuring organizational success. But the problem with this is that not everyone is interested in collaboration. (I know, who are those crazies?!) While most organizations are seeing an increase in collaborative meetings and brainstorming sessions within their teams, not everyone on the team is on board with being so outspoken.

Harvard Business Review published an article in 2016 that shared findings of a research study on collaboration within the workplace. They reviewed more than 300 organizations and found that collaboration within the workplace is lopsided;

“In most cases, 20% to 35% of value-added collaborations come from only 3% to 5% of employees. As people become known for being both capable and willing to help, they are drawn into projects and roles of growing importance. Their giving mindset and desire to help others quickly enhances their performance and reputation.”

So maybe collaboration isn’t for everyone? Maybe we need to stop requesting feedback from everyone and instead lean into those who show true interest in being supportive.

This is what Positive People Posse is all about: finding those 3-5% of people in your life who can build you up as you create the life you want to live. It’s about finding those individuals who want to sit across from you in a coffee shop and who will lean in to help light the fire on your ideas. Those people are out there for you, you just have to be willing to look for them… and you also can’t be afraid to turn away those who aren’t supportive.

Live Freely + Stay Positive

Article written by: Mandi Jean @TheMandiJean

Co-Collaborator: Dom Green

Photo by: David Sosna @David_Sosna

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