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So here’s the thing… every person you meet has a story to tell. Standing in line at the grocery store, or the coffee shop, that guy behind you has something he could tell you that would impact your life. Then again, so does that person pouring your coffee or the girl serving you tacos. Regardless of who they are, all people you meet have the power to impact you. But how often do we take those moments, seize those chances, and allow someone the chance?!

The human experience is one unlike any other on this planet… we’re able to think freely for ourselves; we can say yes or no! We can choose to go on that date or take that job, we can decide to eat that piece of cake or go for a run, we have the power to stand or to kneel.

Whatever it is, it’s up to us. But history (and a little science) has shown that humans aren’t meant to be alone. We just aren’t wired for that. Which means that part of being human should also involve other people. Who you surround yourself directly impacts not only your choices, but your energy as a whole.

Positive People Posse is about just that; finding your own individual purpose, while surrounding yourself with people who feed into the energies that best support who you are. It’s about recognizing those moments in the grocery store, or the coffee shop, to really get to know the people around you. And not only that, but taking that mentality a step further and deciding for ourselves who best fits into our world.

Positivity isn’t about smiling all the time (although we highly encourage this!) but it goes much deeper than that; being positive has a lot to do with the those choices you’re making. And when you open yourself up to choosing how to create your own reality, you quickly realize that we’re all allowed to create whatever life we want to live! Knowing and recognizing this allows us to hone in on the characteristics that make us unique individuals.

One of the cool things to recognize is that every single person has a purpose in life; even if at times that purpose isn’t always clear. The interesting thing about purpose is that sometimes your purpose can come about innately, sometimes it’s through a defining moment, and sometimes it is discovered through chance (like bumping in to someone in the coffee shop).

The focus for PPP is to show a little love to the people in our community who you might not normally have the chance to bump into on the street. We’re bringing the focus back to conversation, connection, creativity, and the journey to self-discovery.

We’re blind to things like religion, political views, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and bad dance moves. No matter who you are, you deserve to live your life to the fullest! We’re inspired by helping others and we want to celebrate the achievements of those who motivate. And we encourage you to go out and create whatever reality you want for yourself!

We believe in you. Live Freely + Stay Positive.

Article written by: Mandi Jean @TheMandiJean

Co-Collaborator: Dom Green

Photo by: David Sosna @David_Sosna

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